Minamonfilm GroceryAid Case Study

GroceryAid asked us to produce a multi purpose video with a 30 second opening animated sequence based on current branding. It was launched at a fundraising event and the money raised was literally tens of thousands.

The Brief:

The brief was to produce one multi purpose video with a 30 second opening animated sequence based on current branding.

• A branding i-dent (who they are, what they do and their impact on the industry)
• A fundraising video to be shown at events & breakfast meetings
• Content to be divided into Individual short case studies for their website
• Style to be honest, engaging and moving
• Time limit 3.45 minutes

The Process:

• Initial meeting with all decision makers to discuss content and direction of the video
• Research based on content provided by GroceryAid, (letters from beneficiaries, annual report etc.)
• Minamonfilm produced a creative treatment and a script which was drafted and finalised
• The charity wanted carefully chosen actors to represent their clients and a presenter to link the stories
• Actors were sourced, auditioned and clips were recorded so the clients had input in final choices
• Suitable locations and a studio for the presenter were secured
• Production days were agreed & scheduled with a 3 person crew

Film days:
• Our 8 Actors were rehearsed, directed and filmed over 4 days in different locations
• 1 day studio filming in a white room with presenter and crew Post production:
• Animation storyboard prepared by our animation partners
• Music auditioned, options given and chosen
• Video was edited to approved script over 6 days
• Viewing meeting for approval from clients
• Minor changes effected
• Music, sound balance and polishing for final Master
• Uploaded to secure site for final approval

• DVDs (graphic branding)
• Memory stick (graphic branding)
• Web files of case studies

The Outcome:
Feedback from the Welfare Team & guests at the Sporting Hero’s Luncheon

• Really positive to see the work that takes place
• Moving and informative, just the right length
• It got the points across very well
• Excellent and very moving
• Film is an essential part of engaging donors
• The best one ever – Excellent
• Excellent - really important to show the impact of the work
• Raise £320,000 at the Sporting Hero’s Luncheon

B) Film hosted on clients website
C) 8 x complete mini case study films
D) 30 second ident animation of service

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