Minamonfilm have worked across all areas in the public sector including health, education, public safety, pan London councils, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the GLE.

The most cost effective way to deliver information is via the internet and professional videos will save you time and money and transport people into the heart of your vision.

Video can improve staff/ employee relationships. Public sector organisations have a huge number of employees. Many employees have limited interaction with senior management and senior management have no way to communicate with the entire workforce effectively. Minamonfilm are experts in filming people from all walks of life from politicians to celebrities to the very vulnerable.

We support the public sector in these difficult times by offering very reasonable packages for projects.

  • Public awareness films
  • Staff inductions
  • Staff training
  • Pilots
  •  Consutations
  •  New initiatives

Award Winning

Creative Video Production Company

Awards 2019

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