Minamonfilm have provided content for a very broad spectrum of education videos for schools, government bodies to the National Health Service. We have worked on a diverse range of subjects from social inclusion, restorative approaches, diversity training for the FCO, specialist subjects in health.

Online training and E-learning is the most cost effective, time efficient way to offer staff vital information and provide an induction for new recruits and volunteers. Gone are the days of boring Powerpoint. Good practical video content will hit all the spots to get your messages across. It only takes a few hours to film experts in their field.

Many services can not afford to let staff away from their posts for even a half day’s training. Online video brings the trainer or professional to the audience, not the other way round.

Some ideas include:

  • Target messaging
  • Best practice
  • Pilots rolling out services
  • Direct staff training
  • Hard hitting virals

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