Minamonfilm’s Corporate Sponsorship Initiative (MCSI)


Minamonfilm’s Corporate Sponsorship Initiative for video production is a mutually beneficial arrangement for both the charity and the sponsor. For the sponsor it is great PR, brand building and a chance to “make a difference”. Whilst for a charity a focused and targeted video is the most powerful tool to get them noticed, raise thousands of pounds and get the attention of funders and trusts.

Minamonfilm have been running the MCSI for a number of years, matching charities with corporate companies. Our most recent partnership between Spires Streetlink and Quartz Business Media is a great example of the success of the initiative. Spires Streetlink needed a video to show current funders how they had used their money and to get a new funding stream to expand their services.

Another example was The Cancer Vaccine Institute who needed an Ident video to show their aims, successes and amazing pioneering research in immunology. So with match funding from the International Antiques & Collectors Fairs we were able to deliver a valuable video that has helped generate thousands of pounds for their work.

Small charities operating on a shoestring budget deliver some of the most important services to the vulnerable and desperate in our communities. Invariably they do not have a marketing budget, so match funding or full sponsorship for a video is an opportunity to do something amazing.

Types of Sponsorship

  • Total sponsorship by single corporate donor
  • Joint sponsorship by multiple corporate donors
  • Match funding with the charity

How does it work for the Sponsor?

The sponsoring company will get many benefits for it’s generosity:

  • Selling more products by increasing the visibility of their brand
  • Improving their corporate image by involvement with an appropriate charities
  • Meeting corporate responsibilities by supporting good causes
  • Improving employee relations through the knowledge they work for a company that has a social conscience
  • Improving media coverage (within the company (employees, shareholders), the sector they are in (suppliers, customers) and of course externally to the public and media)

How does it work for the Charity?

Charities through volunteers, charity workers and beneficiaries can connect via this website.

  • Can you match fund your video?
  • Do you have any ideas for possible sponsors?
  • We need a short brief on who you, your aims and objectives
  • What makes you special and unique
  • How will a video specifically benefit you
  • How do you intend to distribute it
  • A multi-faceted video project can address all your needs - fundraising, i-dent, campaigns, recruitment 

Do you know a company big or small wanting to “make a difference”?  Are you a charity with a story that needs to be told?

Over the years some of our corporate clients have generously agreed to sponsor a video for a small worthy charity. That is where you can help. Let’s try to close the gap and give support where it is deserved.

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